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Tandoor Eastern
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Tandoor Eastern


Technical data:

Wall thickness: 6.5 cm (+/- 0.5 cm)
Height: 110 cm
Height without cover: 73 cm
Neck diameter: 36 cm
Diameter: 79 cm
Number of skewers included: 20 pcs. (length of the working part - 34 cm / total length - 45.5 cm)
Complete set: a poker, a scoop, a grate d35cm, a device for hanging skewers, a rack - 1 pc.
Weight: 190 kg (+/- 10 kg)

Tandoor Eastern will give oriental dishes a rich taste and aroma. Each hostess will be glad to see such a unit in her house. Having gathered the whole family at a large table, you can fully enjoy the bright, rich taste of cooked food.
This oven is made of high-quality ceramics, which heats up well. You can cook a wide variety of dishes that cannot be done on the grill.
You don't need to press any buttons, just keep track of the time. East Tandoor will take care of the rest. Depending on the temperature level, you can cook game, poultry, meat, fish, flour products.
The consumption of firewood is less than for the barbecue. You save time and fuel.
The speed of cooking is much higher than on barbecues and other devices.
This set is the perfect gift for any occasion.
The unusual pattern and carved legs are reminiscent of the work of ancient baroque or renaissance masters. The artfully crafted device seems to send you back in time. The cooking process will give you positive emotions.
Eastern, like Aladdin, is one of the largest models. Tandoors can be ordered in an exclusive version.
Tandoor Eastern seems to take you into the atmosphere of an oriental fairy tale.


  • When you start a tandoor for the first time, heat it as gradually as possible.
  • Do not leave a tandoor ignited and exposed unattended.
  • Avoid getting water on a hot tandoor.
  • Keep in mind that in the windy weather the tongue of fire above the tandoor can be up to 1 meter high.
  • Be careful when touching hot parts of the tandoor, wear protective gloves, apron.
  • When cooking in tandoor, do not leave children unattended.
  • In case of negative outdoor temperature, heat the tandoor gradually.
  • Keep the unused tandoor covered with a protective cover.
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Data sheet

Wall thickness
6 cm
110 cm
Height without cover
73 cm
Neck diameter
36 cm
79 cm
190 kg
Volume in litres
125 l

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