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How to choose a tandoor |Amforacook

When choosing a tandoor, first of all, you need to decide for what purposes you will use it and how many guests you will invite. The weight of the tandoor is the main thing you should pay attention to.

After all, how many people you can take at the same time and how many dishes changes you can make depends on the weight, and not on the volume and litre capacity. Cooking in a tandoor is the transfer of heat from the walls, so the thicker the sides and, accordingly, the larger the weight of the stove, the more dishes you can cook.

Firewood is the fuel for most tandoori. The thicker the tandoor walls, the more economical the consumption of firewood will be and the tandoor will retain heat much longer. This means that you can cook any dishes without additional kindling. Even if you do not plan to cook in 2-3 sets, you can use the fact that the food remains hot for a few hours. If someone is late and arrives later, they will not have to eat cold meat, the taste of which will be completely different.

A tandoor weighing 45-55 kilos is a hiking tandoor that you can take with you to nature, fishing, hunting – delicious and healthy food is always with you. You can cook for 2-5 people.

In a tandoor weighing 50-90 kilos you can make a dish for 2-8 people, but two dishes changes are unlikely to work.

In a tandoor weighing 90-120 kilos you can make a dish for 2-12 people. You can make a second change of dishes, if you have vegetables or fish for a second course.

If your tandoor weighs 120-160 kilos, you can feed 2-14 people and make two or three dishes changes.

A tandoor weighing 160-220 kilos is suitable for a company of up to 30 people. This tandoor can be used even for banquets or in small cafes. You can make three dishes changes without additional kindling.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the size of the tandoor neck.

The diameter of the hole through which the products are laid is important if you are going to cook the whole chicken, fish or meat in large chunks. It is optimal to choose models with a diameter of at least 26-34 cm. If you need a tandoor only for cooking barbecue or portioned meat, this dimension does not matter.

As our practice shows, you will eventually would like to diversify your cuisine, so we always suggest our customers paying attention to the fact that in the tandoor you can cook not only on skewers, but also on a bowl spike, grate, chicken pros, stones.

You should pay attention to the skewers as well. They should be forged from stainless steel: meat does not fly off from such skewers.

And, of course, customers pay attention to the tandoor design. All in all, it will be a decoration of your land plot, house, cottage, cafe. Our tandoori are featured by a laconic design, calm modern colors, that will fit into absolutely any courtyard landscape. At the same time, the tandoor will draw in and stand out compositionally on the site.

Make the right choice only once – and your tandoor will delight you for many years not only with delicious and healthy food, but also with a constant opportunity for experiments!