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Ceramic stone (corundum) 50mm
  • Ceramic stone (corundum) 50mm
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Ceramic stone (corundum) 50mm

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Packed in 20 Kg bags.

Ceramic stones (corundum) for a closed container for wood-burning sauna stoves ATMOSFERA and ATMOSFERA PRO.

It is the only top quality artificial stone, which due to its structural properties is ideal for use in saunas. Ceramic stones will last for many years, and the heating time and firewood consumption of the furnace will be significantly lower than when heating conventional stones. These stones guarantee the cleanest and lightest steam and are resistant to sudden temperature changes up to 1650 degrees. Compared to conventional sauna stones, ceramic stones provide significantly higher heat capacity.

Technical data:

  •     Diameter: 50 mm

  •     Material Al2O3, 92% (corundum)

  •     Bulk density: 3.65 g / cm3

  •     Hardness 9 (on the Mohs scale)

  •     Strength: 2000 MPa

  •     Manufacturer: China


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