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  • Sauna Stove ATMOSFERA
  • Sauna Stove ATMOSFERA
  • Sauna Stove ATMOSFERA
  • Sauna Stove ATMOSFERA
  • Sauna Stove ATMOSFERA
  • Sauna Stove ATMOSFERA
  • Sauna Stove ATMOSFERA
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Technical data:

Sauna volume: 12-22 m3
Fireplace type: external
Fireplace volume: 54 liters, wall thickness 9-11 mm
Door screen size: 315x310 mm (heat-resistant glass NEOCERAM, 4 mm)
Closed stainless steel stone container volume: 10 liters (stone weight up to 22 kg)
Stone capacity in the outer net: 100-120 kg
Equipment: steam cannon
Stove weight without stones: 157 kg (with packaging 177 kg)
Stove dimensions: width - 570 mm, depth - 750 mm, height - 855 mm
Chimney diameter: inner - 115 mm, outer - 140 mm
Recommended length of firewood: 55 cm

Wood-burning sauna stove ATMOSFERA (cast iron housing with stainless steel inner closed stone tray and stainless steel outer mesh).

Modern design, durable and durable cast iron stove. Using the stove you will be able to create steam modes from sauna to hammam.

High-grade 9-11 mm thick ЧХ-1 (cast iron and chrome alloy) housing. The closed stone tray is made of heat-resistant, stainless, 3 mm thick AISI439 steel. The stove is usually selected in parts, can be easily transported and installed.

A construction that improves the combustion process, which burns firewood more efficiently and cleaner. The steam emitted through the steam cannon from a closed stone magazine is of particularly good quality and lightness.

The stove can be extended with a combustion tunnel section and supplemented with an economizer mesh of stainless steel mounted on the chimney. We also recommend a set of stainless steel pyramids and a set of ceramic stones (corundum) placed in a closed container.


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