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Stone for baking STONE21
  • Stone for baking STONE21
  • Stone for baking STONE21
  • Stone for baking STONE21
  • Stone for baking STONE21
  • Stone for baking STONE21
  • Stone for baking STONE21

Stone for baking STONE21


Baking stone 21 cm (suitable for medium and large grills)

Wall thickness - 2.5 cm

Diameter - 21 cm

Package Contents - 1 pc.

Weight - 1.75 kg

Preparation and use.

Wipe the entire surface of the stone with a damp cloth before first use.

We strongly recommend not to immerse the stone in water, and also not to wash it under running water! If the stone gets into the water, it must be dried in its natural environment before use.

Having laid the dry stone on the grill, put the structure in the tandoor. Heat the stone for 30 minutes.

You can put the stone both into an already warmed tandoor and during warming up.

Attention! Warming up the wet stone is not allowed.

After the stone has warmed up, place the products for baking on it and bake in the tandoor until it ready.

For convenience and safety, use a wooden spatula to place or remove products from the stone.

Before use, it is recommended to lightly dust the spatula and stone with flour.

Cleaning and maintenance.

Let the stone cool down. Remove any flour or burnt food residues with a dry cloth, or by gentle scraping with a knife or a dry / slightly damp medium hard washcloth.

Only wipe the stone with a dry or damp cloth and never soak it in water!

Due to the fact that the stone is made of clay with the addition of firesand, which are natural materials, after long and repeated use, dark spots from burnt dough, or small irregularities and scratches on the surface may appear, which is NOT a reason for a complaint. Such a change in the color and structure of the surface does not in any way impair the properties of the stone and does not affect its function.


DO NOT lubricate the stone with oil; DO NOT wash in a dishwasher; DO NOT use detergents. DO NOT immerse in water.

We wish you pleasant use and lots of delicious baking!

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