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Heat Cutting Stone   27cm HEAT27
  • Heat Cutting Stone   27cm HEAT27
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Heat Cutting Stone 27cm HEAT27

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Diameter - 28 cm
Weight - 4.2 kg
Thickness - 30mm

A heat cut-off stone is a very useful thing for your tandoor, because its use increases the time the heat remains in the tandoor, so you can cook longer.

How it works: you heat the tandoor as usual, get a large amount of coals and a grate that is red-hot. Previously, it was necessary to remove all (or almost all) of the coals. Now, using a stone, you simply level the coals over the grate with an even layer (1-2 cm thick, the coals remain under the grate), then with the help of a poker we pry the stone and lower it into the tandoor on the coals.

The food in the bottom row will not burn from the heat of the coals, thanks to the stone.


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