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Casserole-cauldron 12L with cast-iron skillet lid  K12LP
  • Casserole-cauldron 12L with cast-iron skillet lid  K12LP
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Casserole-cauldron 12L with cast-iron skillet lid K12LP

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Cast iron pot-kazan 12l with cast iron lid-pan

Height - 18 cm

Diameter - 46,5 cm

Weight - 11.4 kg

Before the first use, the cauldron must be calcined by placing it on the stove until the industrial oil is completely burned out. Wipe heated dishes with a rag, taking precautions and apply a thin layer of vegetable oil. Kazan is ready for use.

    After use, remove food residues with a coarse brush (but not a metal one) and wash the product in hot water, then be sure to wipe, dry on the stove and lubricate with a thin layer of oil.

       When further caring for cast iron cookware, you need to know that cast iron is a material that is easily corroded. Therefore, the following rules must be observed:

    Do not store food in cast iron kazan.

    It is not allowed to make the cast iron kazan red-hot. During heating, ensure good ventilation of the room or carry it out in the open air.

    It is necessary to wash cast-iron dishes, if possible, without the use of aggressive abrasive and detergents (this destroys the formed non-stick layer) only by hand without using a dishwasher.

    After washing, the product must be thoroughly dried. The best way is to put it on fire for a few minutes until it dries completely. If you have persistently scrubbed the remains of strongly burnt food from the dishes, then before drying, you can additionally grease the dishes with a small amount of vegetable oil.

    Store cast iron cookware in a dry, ventilated place with the lid removed.

    Do not store kazan with substances that cause metal corrosion or pesticides.

    Do not subject cast iron kazan to shock and water cooling.

         If for some reason the cast-iron cauldron rusted, it can be quite simply restored. To do this, you need to remove all rust with an abrasive (in simple cases, a dish sponge is enough, in complex cases, you can use sandpaper or even a sandblasting machine), wash the product, grease it with oil and heat it for 25-30 minutes.

        It is also useful to know that uncoated cast-iron cookware is not afraid of high temperatures and metal kitchen tools (it is quite possible to cut it with a knife, unless, of course, you don't mind the knife, not to mention metal spoons, shovels and forks). It is also not afraid of minor mechanical damage, but if dropped from a great height onto a hard floor, the dishes may crack. Cast iron is a rather fragile material.

        Uncoated cast iron cookware is remarkable in that the more often and longer you cook on it, the better it becomes. Surely many people know that the most delicious dishes are obtained in the old cast-iron frying pan inherited from the grandmother.


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