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Technical data:

Height: 30 cm
Diameter: 68 cm
Complete set: petals - 6 pcs., Bottom - 1 pc., Stand - 1 pc., Packing box - 1 pc. The grill grate for the fire pit is not included in the package.
Weight: 26 kg

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of warmth and coziness with our unique Fireplace KOSTROVNICA - a collapsible, convenient, and portable fire pit. Enjoy unforgettable moments by the open fire, creating an atmosphere that will envelop you with warmth and comfort.

How does our Fireplace KOSTROVNICA differ from other metal counterparts? It is capable of accumulating, retaining, and evenly distributing heat for several hours. This means you can enjoy gentle warmth for a longer time and spend evenings by the fire in a pleasant environment. Our fire pit will be the perfect companion for creating comfort in the great outdoors.

But the KOSTROVNICA is not just for warmth! It can also transform into a fantastic grill. Simply acquire a special stainless steel grate and treat yourself and your loved ones to unforgettable taste sensations by cooking delicious dishes over an open fire. Burgers, steaks, or appetizing hot dogs - the KOSTROVNICA will allow you to prepare whatever your gourmet heart desires.

And what's particularly wonderful is that our KOSTROVNICA is made from environmentally friendly and high-quality chamotte clay. It is a safe material that not only ensures your safety and the environment's safety but also contributes to excellent heat treatment of food. After all, our fire pit retains heat twice as long as regular metal counterparts, guaranteeing perfect cooking and preserving the flavor of your food.

The KOSTROVNICA is not afraid of bad weather! Rainy or humid weather will not prevent you from kindling a fire and enjoying its warmth. Our fire pit is capable of retaining heat even in unfavorable conditions, allowing you to savor magical moments at any time.

Place an order for the KOSTROVNICA right now, and you can add uniqueness and charm to your yard. Thanks to its attractive appearance and original pattern in the style of Ancient Greece, it will become a true decoration of your garden area. You can install it in any convenient location, thanks to its convenient stand, which ensures stability even on uneven surfaces.

The KOSTROVNICA is not only the perfect way to enjoy nature and create a unique atmosphere but also a guarantee of safety. It prevents the spread of fire beyond its structure, protecting your lawn from possible fires. Safety and the pleasure of cooking over an open fire - that's what the KOSTROVNICA offers you.

Don't miss the chance to turn your relaxation into an unforgettable adventure. Place an order for the KOSTROVNICA right now, and we will promptly deliver it to you.

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Data sheet

30 cm
68 cm
26 kg

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