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Moroccan grill MG
  • Moroccan grill MG
  • Moroccan grill MG
  • Moroccan grill MG
  • Moroccan grill MG
  • Moroccan grill MG
  • Moroccan grill MG
  • Moroccan grill MG

Moroccan grill MG

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Technical data:

Wall thickness: 3 cm
Height: 70 cm. Please note that the total height of the product with the stand is 155 cm
Diameter: 45 cm
Package contents: rack-stand (height - 85 cm, weight - 6.6 kg) - 1 pc. Stainless steel grate d-33.5 cm - 1 pc. Shovel, poker - 1 pc.
Weight: 39 kg

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Morocco with our unique Moroccan grill, made from high-quality clay. The wall thickness is 3 cm, ensuring even heat distribution and preserving the distinct flavor of your dishes. The grill stands at a height of 70 cm (with a total height of 155 cm including the stand) and has a diameter of 45 cm, providing ample space for cooking a large quantity of food simultaneously.

The Moroccan grill features a unique design that brings an authentic touch to your surroundings. It will be an attractive focal point in your garden or patio, creating a special atmosphere.

The set includes a stand, a stainless steel grate, a shovel, and tongs, providing you with everything you need for convenient and safe cooking.

The Moroccan grill allows you to prepare dishes with a unique Moroccan flavor. Thanks to its clay walls, the grill retains and releases heat, adding a special aroma and tenderness to your food. Immerse yourself in the world of Moroccan cuisine and delight yourself and your guests with magnificent culinary masterpieces prepared on the Moroccan grill.

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Data sheet

Wall thickness
3 cm
70 cm
45 cm
39 kg

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