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Tandoor Esaul T/ESAUL
  • Tandoor Esaul T/ESAUL
  • Tandoor Esaul T/ESAUL
  • Tandoor Esaul T/ESAUL
  • Tandoor Esaul T/ESAUL

Tandoor Esaul T/ESAUL


Technical data:

Wall thickness: 5 cm
Height: 82 cm
Height without cover: 61 cm
Neck diameter: 29 cm
Diameter: 54 cm
Number of skewers included: 8 pcs. (length of the working part - 34 cm / total length - 45.5 cm)
Complete set: a poker, a scoop, a grate, a device for hanging skewers - 1 pc.
Weight: 97 kg (+/- 4 kg)

True connoisseurs of Eastern cuisine know how important the atmosphere and authentic preparation of exquisite dishes are. With the Tandoor by Esaul, you can immerse yourself in Eastern culture and create a unique hearth for cooking aromatic meals. After all, since ancient times, people have used clay wood-fired ovens or tandoors for cooking and even heating their dwellings.

Tandoor by Esaul is a compact device made of high-quality ceramics. Its walls are five centimeters thick, which ensures long heat retention. Now you can prepare the most delicious meat that will be juicy and tender thanks to the special design of the tandoor. Moreover, it is perfect for perfecting any dishes and bread.

One of the advantages of the Tandoor by Esaul is its incredible lightness. It weighs only 97 (+/-4 kg), making it convenient to carry and install anywhere. That's why it's the ideal choice for a country house. It will turn your summer into a true culinary celebration, filling the atmosphere with aromatic dishes and wonderful baked goods. And on cold winter days, the Tandoor by Esaul will be a reliable source of warmth, creating coziness and comfort in your home.

Embark on a journey into the world of Eastern cuisine with the Tandoor by Esaul and enjoy the unique taste and atmosphere it will create in your home.

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Data sheet

Wall thickness
5 cm
82 cm
Height without cover
61 cm
Neck diameter
29 см
54 cm
97 kg
Volume in litres
55 l

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