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Tandoor Donskoy T/DON
  • Tandoor Donskoy T/DON
  • Tandoor Donskoy T/DON
  • Tandoor Donskoy T/DON
  • Tandoor Donskoy T/DON
  • Tandoor Donskoy T/DON
  • Tandoor Donskoy T/DON
  • Tandoor Donskoy T/DON
  • Tandoor Donskoy T/DON
  • Tandoor Donskoy T/DON

Tandoor Donskoy T/DON


Technical data:

Wall thickness: 5 cm
Height: 67 cm
Height without cover: 48 cm
Neck diameter: 21 cm
Diameter: 42 cm
Number of skewers included: 8 pcs. (working part length - 31 cm / total length - 42.5 cm)
Complete set: poker, scoop, grate - 1 pc.
Weight: 52.5 kg (+/- 2.5 kg)

Discover the unique Eastern world of flavors with the Tandoor Donskoy! If you are a devoted fan of Eastern cuisine and enjoy fragrant flatbreads, juicy meat, and fresh vegetables cooked over an open fire but don't have the space or ability to install a bulky oven in your yard or home, then our compact Tandoor Donskoy is perfect for you!

With a height of just 67 cm and a diameter of 42 cm, this amazing tandoor will easily fit even in the smallest backyard. The Tandoor Donskoy is made of high-quality refractory clay with special attention to detail. Its thick 5-centimeter walls ensure optimal heat distribution, allowing you to achieve the perfect temperature even with a small amount of firewood. Moreover, this tandoor is not only efficient but also impresses with its elegant design.

The mini-oven is styled after Eastern culture and will not only become an indispensable helper in your kitchen but also an exquisite decorative element in your yard. Its compactness and capacity allow for easy movement according to your desires, without compromising on functionality compared to larger models.

The special walls of the tandoor are highly resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures. Even in case of minor cracks caused by rapid cooling, the sturdy steel frame ensures reliable protection against complete destruction.

The Tandoor Donskoy comes with 8 forged skewers and all the necessary accessories for comfortable use, including a grill grate, cleaning shovel, and a small poker.

The Tandoor Donskoy will easily complement the style of your backyard, accentuating the atmosphere of the Don or Kuban regions, or you can set it up under a canopy in an open area in your yard. It will be a wonderful acquisition for cooking juicy meat, fragrant flatbreads, fresh vegetables, and other exquisite dishes!

Don't miss the opportunity to create a true Eastern extravaganza in your home with the Tandoor Donskoy! Order yours today!

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Data sheet

Wall thickness
5 cm
67 cm
Height without cover
48 cm
Neck diameter
21 cm
42 cm
53 kg
Volume in litres
30 l

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