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Cast iron rack for steaks 27.5 cm  STEAK GRID
  • Cast iron rack for steaks 27.5 cm  STEAK GRID
  • Cast iron rack for steaks 27.5 cm  STEAK GRID
  • Cast iron rack for steaks 27.5 cm  STEAK GRID
  • Cast iron rack for steaks 27.5 cm  STEAK GRID

Cast iron rack for steaks 27.5 cm STEAK GRID


Steak grill 27.5 cm with matt ceramic finish

Wall thickness - 2 cm

Diameter - 27.5 cm

Weight - 3 kg

Since old times, cast iron cookware has been the best for cooking, any professional culinary specialist will agree with this statement. Everyone knows that food cooked on an open fire has its own unique taste and aroma. The cast iron steak grill is a unique tool for cooking juicy fish or meat steaks, aromatic sausages, vegetables, mushrooms, etc. over an open fire.

A traditional problem with conventional stainless steel grates is product sticking to the grate itself. Especially fish ... You have probably come across a sticking problem on a regular grill - after cooking, the fish has to be torn off the grill, and the resulting dish looks unappetizing. Now your dishes will always be not only tasty, but also beautiful! With a cast iron steak rack, you will get rid of this problem forever!

Advantages of a cast iron steak grate:

- versatility - the grill is a fairly simple and convenient device. It can be used on almost any tandoor model, fire pit, grill, oven ... and even when hunting or fishing. On a campfire stand with a cast-iron grate, you can not only fry meat and fish, but it is also convenient to boil a kettle and cook any dish in a pot.

- durability - cast iron, especially with a porcelain coating, is not afraid of moisture and does not rust, does not deform under the influence of temperatures, while warming up quickly. Due to the high temperature to which cast iron can be heated, the meat juice will remain in the steak, giving additional tenderness to the meat.

- aesthetics - the dish is prepared according to the correct technology, and the presence of special sections in the grill gives the prepared dish an interesting pattern. Now you can make a steak just like in the best restaurants!


The grates are covered with a special ceramic coating, which facilitates the cleaning process and improves non-stick properties. Belongs to the elite segment of kitchenware. Cooked food can be kept in the refrigerator without fear of oxidation of the grill surface, without fear that the dish will darken or smell of metal. After heating, cooked, will again radiate an appetizing aroma.

A few rules for using and caring for a cast iron steak grate:

    Before the first use, it is recommended to warm up the cast iron grate to about 100 ° C.

    In order for your culinary tool to serve you as long as possible, you need to properly care for it. Every time after finishing cooking - thoroughly wash the cast-iron grill grate, wipe it with a dry cloth.

    The steak grill is installed on the tandoor on a device for hanging skewers (the size of the grill is determined based on the diameter of the device). Also, the grate can be used in the grill or instead of stainless steel grates.

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