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In these difficult times, sometimes nothing is as enjoyable as delicious and healthy food. At a time when access to restaurants and cafes is prohibited or restricted, you can easily set up a restaurant at home. With the help of tandoor, you can easily prepare healthy and very tasty food. The quality and taste are not inferior to the restaurant. The cooking process is similar to baking. We all remember what memorable dishes were just pulled out of the oven. Steamed vegetables, potatoes with a crispy crust, tender pancakes, delicious cutlets. All this abundance of flavors was obtained from the freshly prepared product on the firewood. Not surprisingly, in France the real baguette and in Italy the pizza is only on the wood and not on the gas or electric oven. Tandoor uses the heat generated by burning firewood. The walls give off heat, just like in an oven. You will always be able to delight your family and friends with great food.

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