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Cast iron rack for steaks 27.5 cm STEAK GRID

Since old times, cast iron cookware has been the best for cooking, any professional culinary specialist will agree with this statement. Everyone knows that food cooked on an open fire has its own unique taste and aroma. The cast iron steak grill is a unique tool for cooking juicy fish or meat steaks, aromatic sausages, vegetables, mushrooms, etc. over an open fire. A traditional problem with...

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Tinklas akmenims NET1

Installed on top of the sauna stove. Designed to increase the volume of stones to be laid, it can hold about 40 kg of stones. The chimney is not included in the price.Data:          Weight: 2.8kg          Dimensions: diameter 33 cm, height 52 cm          Chimney diameter: 115 mm

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Ugnies groteles 22cm FIREGRATE22

Firewood is laid on it, which is subsequently set on fire and burning. Ashes and small coals fall through the grate into the lower part of the furnace, from which they are removed through the blower. Also, the purpose of the grate is to ensure the process of burning firewood, pellets, coals (the grate allows air to circulate)High-quality cast iron withstands high temperatures without deforming...

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Cover for Tandoor Eastern COVER EAST

Dust-waterproof cover for Tandoor Eastern Oxford 210 is a polyester fabric made of profiled yarn that provides increased strength, abrasion resistance, light weight of products and color fastness to UV and washing. The polyurethane (PU) coating makes the fabric water repellent and waterproof.

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